03 Dec 2008 – Timber frame construction well placed for 2009

What does 2009 hold for the housebuilding industry and for the timber frame
sector, one of the UK’s most glittering manufacturing success stories of recent

Geoff Arnold, the incoming chairman of the UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA),

“Despite the depressed housing market, we are continuing to see relatively strong
demand for timber frame across all market sectors. We expect that the continue
next year. Obviously it will be sometime before we return to previous demand
levels; however, what is already clear is that the Code for Sustainable Homes
is still on everyone’s mind, and timber frame will be the build technology of
choice to deliver energy efficient homes both cost effectively and quickly.

“In 2009, the key for all developers will be market responsiveness. As funding
becomes available on a given scheme, whether in the public or private sector,
what will be critical is a developer’s ability to respond and build out the site.
Timber frame has proven time and time again that where build speed, performance
and energy efficiency are required, it can offer significant advantages over other
methods of build.

“We therefore see the percentage of timber frame homes increasing from 22.1%
in 2007 to well over 25% in 2009 even possibly achieving 30%. Furthermore, these
figures could be pushed higher as the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements
become better understood by developers. It is far easier to attain higher levels
of Code using timber frame than other build methods. Consumers then benefit from
a very comfortable home with small fuel bills.”

The UKTFA offers these top 10 tips to future-focused housebuilders and social
housing developers with an eye on the bottom line in 2009:

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