Alliance with Compliance

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has now drawn its two year campaign on risk assessments to a close.

The campaign examined the risk assessment attitudes and behaviours of organisations of various sizes across Europe. The findings are somewhat surprising – between 10%-15% of SMEs do not carry out risk assessments despite this being a legal requirement!

And the reasons why? A large percentage of companies just do not deem this necessary and simply do not conduct risk assessments or even documented general workplace checks. This may indicate that SMEs have fewer problems than larger companies, or that they lack awareness and knowledge.

The campaign also bought to light some of the main issues that companies are concerned about in the workplace: accidents, musculoskeletal disorders and stress being the top three – all of which can be less of a concern with a documented risk assessment.

One response to “Alliance with Compliance”

  1. el yoop says:

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