BIM to become part of public procurement process

The government’s chief construction adviser Paul Morell has indicated that Building Information Modelling (BIM) will become a key part of the procurement of public buildings.

Speaking at Autodesk’s BIM Conference yesterday, Morrell indicated that bidders and contractors on future public building projects would be asked to use BIM.

“I am convinced that this is the way to unlock new ways of working that will reduce cost and add long-term value to the development and management of built assets in the public sector, but the move needs to be made on a basis that is secure, that works for government clients and those who deliver services to them, and which draws on proven means of integrating the supply chain,” said Morrell.

BIM is a 3D modelling system that involves data sharing between all the contractors on a project to create a digital model that can be used from a project’s early design stages through to completion and monitoring of subsequent performance.

1 October 2010 | By Anna Winston

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