Cost Benefit of Home Improvements


When homeowners are looking to undertake works on their properties they always ask how much it will cost. Just as important is how much value will it create.
Here is a quick summary as reported in the Financial Times July 16, 2011.

Loft Cost £30-50k Value £60-70k
New Bathroom Cost £3-5k Value £4-7k
New Garden Room Cost £10-20k Value £20-30k
New Kitchen Cost Cost £20-30k Value £25-30k
Kitchen Extension Cost £30-50k Value £75-100k
New Kitchen Cost £20-30k Value £25-30k

So the biggest winners are if you actually add space, ie the rear extension and loft, which seems to have a value of twice what you spend.
The surprise is the garden room. These can be achieved under permitted development, so you can just do it. These rooms become hobby rooms, play rooms or just storage to free your house from clutter. For any further advice on the above, call Gordon 02089546291

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