David Cameron and your Planning Application

What will a new Conservative & Liberal Government hold for your planning application?

A quick summary of various stories shows that the new Government will put more weighting on quality rather than time targets. We have had direct experience of planners not discussing an application instead just refusing it thus dealing with it within there 8 week target. A new application will have to be made. If a few extra days were taken then it could have been a better result for all.
Seems that generally that the Lib-Dems are really on the same page.
With new mayors to large centres, this could bring a singular and strong vision rather like New York. Boris Johnson and the like will have will and now extra muscle to tackle housing and planning issues directly.
So if planners are set free of ridged time tables will we get better service, quality of dialogue and better result or will the system become more frustrating, drawn out and ambiguous? only time will tell.
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“The difference with Labour since 1997 is that the speed of planning applications has been too significant. Eight-week and 30-week targets have over-emphasised the speed and under-emphasised the quality of applications. The speed of planning applications is not the be all and end all,”
The Tories have also today confirmed plans to introduce mayors to 12 major UK cities, while giving Johnson responsibility for the £1.1bn budget of the London Homes and Communities Agency.

The Liberal Democrats have today pledged support for the Conservatives’ proposed overhaul to the planning system.

The Lib Dems want to introduce third-party right of appeal where applications contradict local plans and axe quangos including the Infrastructure Planning Commission, according to its 109-page election manifesto, which was published today. These back up policies set out in the Tory manifesto on Tuesday.

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