Improve your Surgery – Dentists & GP’s

New sterilisation rules for dentists and patient choice for GP’s have made the market more competitive.

Improve your Surgery to keep and extend you market share and customer satisfaction.

Dental Surgery
New sterilisation room
Organise the admin/ reception area – Proper area for patient files
Add a relaxation room
Add a alternative therapy room
Add additional treatment rooms
New audio-video service with TV and patient choice
GP Surgery
Organise the admin/ reception area – Archive the paper patient files
Improve floor surfaces for cleaning & Hygiene
De-clutter waiting room signage
Make waiting rooms less institutional
Improve legibility to Doctors rooms
Improve patient call systems – install Doctor panic alarms
Improve staff facilities

YOOP Architects can quickly and easily help you achieve your improvements, advise on PCT grants and help you improve your facilities and service.

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One response to “Improve your Surgery – Dentists & GP’s”

  1. el yoop says:

    We are serious about Dental & GP Surgeries, they should be engaging, customer focused environments that are easy to clean and maintain.
    If your dentist or GP could use some help please pass on this link.