Insulation & Ventilation for a Healthy Home

Now that things are heating up insulating your home or office can keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and save money on resources.

Summer is a good time to install insulation, your more likely to be out and about, the day is longer for working. Loft insulation can cost just a few hundred pounds and save almost as much in your first year with a typical payback of two years.

Insulating walls can also be achieved with insulated plasterboard on the inside of properties that has solid walls or flat blocks that

suffers condensation on walls. The condensation is usually all the air moisture condensing on the coldest parts of your home. Which is typically windows but can also be parts of walls. Other methods of filling empty cavity walls are common and achieve good results.

Moisture within the home can also be an issue. Having a healthy environment means a moisture level from 50-70%. More than this can promote mould growth. The moisture is created by breathing, cooking, drying clothes etc. With air tight windows and minimal ventilation in winter this soon creates a home with a high moisture content. Quite a common sight in winter is open windows to alleviate the moisture proble

m but also this increases heating bills. A solution to this is heat recover ventilation


Heat recover ventilation is a vent which brings fresh air from out side but is pre heated by air from inside. This reduces the moisture content of your home with out losing the heat.

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