Planning fee scrapped

01-Sep-2009 10:29:03

With more and more people staying in their own homes, Hertsmere Borough Council has scrapped some of the charges made to residents who ask for advice about home extensions.

Fees for other bigger developments have also been frozen in a bid to boost the local housing market and offer a helping hand in a difficult finance climate.

Cllr Hannah David, portfolio holder for housing and planning, explained: “Whenever anyone is thinking about building or developing, we do encourage them to make early contact with planning officers so that we can work together on projects. That way developers can know early on what is acceptable, and what is not, and this can save a lot of money and time in the long run.

“Because officers can spend hours at a time helping people in such a way, historically we have charged homeowners £250 for pre-application advice for extensions to their properties. For bigger developments of homes fees can go up to £1000 for this advice.

“With the country in recession many people are staying in their own homes, rather than moving, so we have decided to scrap the £250 fee for pre-application advice for extensions, while fees for the other bigger developments will stay the same.”

In 2008 Hertsmere received around 100 letters from householders about alterations to their homes, while so far this year it is around 100 already, reflecting the number of families staying in their homes rather than moving.

If you want to use the pre-application service contact the planning team on 020 8207 2277 or email

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