YOOP Architects goes BIM!.. Whats BIM?

YOOP Architects has changed the way it communicates design. Gone with 2D, in with 3D from small to large projects.

BIM or Building Information Model, allows the Architect to create the actual building before its built. This allows full analysis of the building in 3 dimensions. This will be great for clients and builders alike. The client can see exactly what they will get, clients always have a difficulty understanding plans, elevations and sections. Now they don’t have to, what they see is what they get. This will save time in communication and certainty, people love seeing the 3D visuals and cut throughs.

YOOP Architects uses Archicad 14 (BIM) by Graphisoft

One response to “YOOP Architects goes BIM!.. Whats BIM?”

  1. Laura says:

    Muchísimas garaics por la atención a la consulta, pronto le enviaré fotos de la escalera que estamos construyendo y el detalle del soporte… Que ten un gran día!!